Pirate Logbook

May 4, 2016


  • From shade go east 3 hours, mountains to the north-east.
  • South for an hour, beyond forest buildings! Natives?! Crew uneasy, could be cannibals.
  • Forced east for 1 hour, reach canyon, descend cliff, travel 2 hours in canyon.
  • Reach beach, south is small island. Camp to make raft at entrance of canyon.
  • 3 hours on raft, get to center of island. Soil hard, can’t dig, make camp near bushes.
  • Leave small island, eastbound for 3 hours, reach main island shore. 3 hours of forest towards east, then one hour towards north.
  • Reach cliff, turn east and climb it, pass cave. 1 hour towards east. Reach eastern shore.
  • An hour north, small bay with cave. Make camp, take a swim, relax.
  • North for 1 hour, river blocking, turn west for 3 hours, volcano in view. Camp there.
  • North past the volcano through jungle. 3 hours.
  • East 2 hours, jungle, man bitten by snake. Camp to dig grave.
  • An hour toward east, forest clearing with hut ahead. We avoid, go north, 1 hour.
  • 4 hours to east, want to bury treasure, already X on ground. Too obvious. Camp there.
  • Turn back, west for 8 long hours. To the north swamp. Strange hatch. Rest but don’t dare make camp, crew scared of hatch.
  • Continue west, forest, 5 hours. To the south lake. Reach slopes of mountains.
  • Crew suggest we climb north peak. Climb 2 hours. Great view.
  • Descend 3 hours head west. Reach rocky shore, exhausted, make camp, need rest.
  • 2 hours west from camp along the northern shore.
  • South small forest, soft ground, hidden. Perfect. Decide to bury treasure there.
  • Continue with exploration. See strange lights in the sky. Come closer…


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About Tricky Tribe:

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